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About Us

We are located in Anchorage, Alaska. There are a few things that set us apart from other shops!

  • We operate out of our home shop (ok... ok... covered driveway). WHAT!? Yes. Because of this, we are equipped for mobile detailing as needed. Because we do not incur huge overhead expenses, we can pass this saving on to our customers. The downside? We book extremely fast and cannot handle extra jobs once booked. If you are looking for a shop that turns and burns multiple clients daily, this is not it.

  • On the previous note. Every client has a one-on-one appointment booked and every job is catered exactly to what you need. We do not place you in a cookie cutter and send you out the door. Careful note is taken on what each and every client needs and what their budget entails.

  • 20+ years experience detailing vehicles. Show cars, boats, trucks, Jeeps.... you name it. I (Troy) have probably seen it all. If there is a job I cannot do on a professional level, I will let you know honestly and upfront. I DO NOT have motorcycle insurance nor a motorcycle license..... so I do have to draw the line there.... currently.

  • Originally from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My wife and I have lived in Alaska nearly 4 years and LOVE it. 

  • Yes. Our number is 970. It is Colorado!

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