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You may have questions about the detail process.

Here are some common questions and answers:

My car is already clean. Can you just wax it?

Of course! However, your vehicle does need to be cleaned professionally on site. This ensures all contaminates are removed from the paint. A "wax job" will just cover all the dirt and dust in the paint. There is no way to provide a professional level of work without a professional wash. I can recommend some options depending on your situation and budget.

Why should I leave my car overnight?

Some work requires a curing process. By leaving your car in the evening, it allows products to cure properly. Additionally, it allows me to really get into some detail with your specific vehicle and put some extra hours in, with no extra charge. Detailers tend to be perfectionists! Your car is monitored by a 24 hour surveillance system.

I need something not listed on the site? Can you do it?

With 20+ years detailing vehicles, boats, and RV's, I am sure I can handle most requests. Just reach out via phone/text, email, or even Facebook. If there is a job I cannot do, I will certainly tell you upfront. or 970-846-0806 (NINE SEVEN ZERO).

I want my car detailed but do not know what services I need. Can you help?

Perfect! I am a professional and can give you a quote in person or over the phone. You can see all of the services I recommend and make a decision on what works for you. Of course I will guide you to what makes sense and what does not make sense. I'm easy to approach and work with. I can work around your budget. Message or call me at 970-846-0806!

Can you Buff/Compound/Polish?

Yes! I do everything short of wet sanding paint. I may be able to save you some money from a traditional body shop for scratches you need removed. 

Can you do a mobile detail at my house?

Sure can! Just need a hose that reaches to your driveway and an electrical outlet! I can bring my supplies with me to make it happen. *note* If in direct sunlight, I cannot use some products, but I do have work arounds.

I see cheaper prices around town. Will you match them?

I will work with you on a price for your needs. However, the phrase, "You get what you pay for." is very much accurate. I have spent hours fixing poor quality jobs from other companies. I take every car/truck in as my own. Your vehicle will be in top-notch form when I am done.

Do you service Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River?

Not currently. However, if you have a refferal, I will invoice you for travel time fairly. 

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